EAR Appointment Pricing

How to Initiate and Complete the Process?

Step 01 – Make annual Authorized European (EU) Representative Fees as per the invoice

Step 02 – We send the draft European Representative Agreement for your review and approval in 4 days' time.

Step 03 – On your approval, we will send the unsigned originals by courier for your signature. Along with client must share the DOC

Step 04 – On receipt of signed originals, we will sign the document and send the originals by courier.

The maximum time taken to complete the process of European authorized representative agreement after receipt of annual fees is 10-14 days.

Our European Authorized Representative (EAR) fees are very competitive and provide discounts on multiple products

Device Risk Class As per MDD As per MDR
Class 1 800 900
Class 1m 900 1000
Class 1s 1000 1200
Class 11a 1200 1400
Class 11b 1300 1400
Class 111 1400 1600


IVD Risk Class As per MDD As per MDR
A 1100 1300
B 1200 1400
C 1300 1700

Price listings in Euro.
All Payments must be send to HQ in full excluding the banking and administrative charges.


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Why Authorized EU Representative Fees changes against the above standard fees?

The Authorized EU Representative Fees changes based on the following

  • (a) Risk Class of the device
  • (b) Number of technical Files
  • (c) Number of Models

If you need any clarification about the fees or you are intrested to get a European Authorized Representative Fees quote, please write to sales@qualimedtech.de

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